Rutland Railway


Started installing sections today.

2013-1-13 004

First the section over the freezer.

2013-1-13 006

Then this section attached to the freezer section. Legs are next and then the swing gate to connect the layout to the existing portion of the layout.


This is the layout plan for this area. Only the section to the left needs to be attached, which I will get to later this week.

After playing with arrangements for my yard throat, I think I am going to have to go with curved turnouts for that area. Joy! I had hoped to re-use some of the turnouts I had saved from before.

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Blue is my favourite colour

Drywall sanding for all new layout areas is done. I'll still have a bit to do when I rip out the drywall around the hydro panel and redo that. But at least most of the drywall is done and I can get started on the new layout. Also completed is the painting of the new areas, a nice shade of sky blue from Home Hardware. A coat of primer, two of sky blue and I am off to the races. I'd be putting stuff on the walls today if it wasn't for the paint still drying.

Addendum: Painted half the second coat with old paint, rest of coat in new paint, two are slightly different. So a third coat is required!!!


Things change in 11 months

Eleven months ago, aka my last post on this site, I finished the staging yard on the layout. Now that layout is gone. Thanks to growing family needs (teenagers) a portion of my layout space has been "repurposed".

Construction of the new layout space is almost finished, with just a bit of drywall sanding left to do (my favourite).

The theme is the same, the Rutland circa 1959, but the locale is now focused on Malone NY and the operations in and through the yard.