Track planning – A town in eight feet

Work continued on the Rutland in North Bangor. After aligning and clamping the two modules together, I measured and ran a chalk line down for the main line. Much of the Rutland west of Malone was a straight line. Between Ogdensburg and Madrid for example, there was less than 360 degrees of curvature. That’s 20 miles of line! The area where I am modelling is smack-dab in the middle of seven mile section of straight track.

After marking out the chalk line, I used my drywall t-square to mark out 2 inch centres on either side. Looking at the right photo, the passing siding is on the left side of the track, or south side. The ice cream track is on the right side of the main (north) and the GLF spur is further back. All on 2 inch centres. Using all salvaged #6 switches from my previous layout, I will be able to put an 8 car train, plus engine and van, in the south track, and four cars on the ice cream track. In the 1950’s, the south track was cut back to 11 car capacity. So for “selective compression” purposes, I am good.

Speaking of selective compression, the station. The one shown here is a Rutland Car Supply kit from nearly 20 years ago. It is of the standard 16×40 Rutland station. This station should be the same (or close to the same) as Lisbon NY. That plan is a 22×56 station. You can tell the difference by the end windows. Lisbon has three windows side by side in the waiting room, the smaller station has only two. I will leave room for the bigger station, but for now the smaller station works.

That’s it for now. Company is over so away the modules went.