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Morton Siding

I've worked on Morton Siding quite a bit recently. For those not in the know, Morton Siding is an industrial area between Malone and Malone Junction. During the 1950's, Rutland crews operated a yard switcher known as the "Malone Shifter" which did the switching at the Malone Yard, and all of the trackage in Morton Siding.


2014-08-11 003Morton Siding is a diverse area, with six businesses operating in the 1950's, and a team track. During the St. Lawrence Seaway project, Malone Gravel loaded 750-series 2-bay hoppers for gravel that was shipped to Ogdensburg. Baker's Gas was at an all-time high in traffic volume.

As you can see here, Morton Siding exists  in front of the Norwood staging yard, with a six inch high backdrop between the two areas.

With exception to an unused two-car creamery track that should be located where the white glue bottle is, the track arrangement is exact to the diagrams from the mid-1950's. Close enough for me.

The spur to the left that is hanging out over the edge, is Baker Gas. A small build-out will be located there into the aisle.

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Started installing sections today.

2013-1-13 004

First the section over the freezer.

2013-1-13 006

Then this section attached to the freezer section. Legs are next and then the swing gate to connect the layout to the existing portion of the layout.


This is the layout plan for this area. Only the section to the left needs to be attached, which I will get to later this week.

After playing with arrangements for my yard throat, I think I am going to have to go with curved turnouts for that area. Joy! I had hoped to re-use some of the turnouts I had saved from before.

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Things change in 11 months

Eleven months ago, aka my last post on this site, I finished the staging yard on the layout. Now that layout is gone. Thanks to growing family needs (teenagers) a portion of my layout space has been "repurposed".

Construction of the new layout space is almost finished, with just a bit of drywall sanding left to do (my favourite).

The theme is the same, the Rutland circa 1959, but the locale is now focused on Malone NY and the operations in and through the yard.


Staging Yard Complete

The track laying that is.

From one track to 7, with a turn and in 50 inches. Not too shabby.


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Back at it – An update

So long story short, it's been a while since I've posted anything on this blog. Very bad of me but I've been busy working on the layout.

This is the current plan, or close to it. I've changed from modelling the portion of the Ogdensburg Sub from Ogdensburg - Norwood, to Norwood - Malone. It's now a continuous loop layout with a double-ended staging yard, and three leads. The New York Central line through Norwood is now fully functioning. The new configuration allows for more operations by modelling the trackage-rights that the NYC had over the Rutland. By making this change I go from modelling 1-2 trains per session to 6-8 trains. Much better for operations.

I've decided to model three towns, although one is mislabeled; North Lawrence is actually Moira.

I will blog more about these changes and also post some photos as I post more updates.

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So much for Lisbon

After mucking around with some scenery in Lisbon to make it "presentable" for photos for an article, I had already decided to clear everything off to be able to move Lisbon down this shelf. Once it was cleared off, I started moving the components around for the track at Norwood, New York. This village has the New York Central crossing the Rutland with an unusual layout for the interchange. Norwood is one of THE most important interchanges on the Rutland, where most of the overhead traffic was passed to the NYC and it was also where NYC had running rights from here to Malone Junction.

I figured that I would need a lot of space (read depth) for this scene thanks to the interchanges. I started with the Crossing in the center, then moving the switches around until I thought I had something lined up, but didn't plan on connecting the dots...

As you can see by the pictures, its built and wired up and took half the width I expected.

I couldn't resist a meetup. Northbound New York Central DM-1(Dewitt-Massena) crosses the diamonds while 207 waits with an eastbound OA-2.

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Comparison Photos

Not completely accurate, but I was just playing around with the camera and a few models.

Lisbon, New York - 1960

Same location, 199? with a borrowed Conrail B23-7.

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