Bangor, New York redux

My second Masterpiece Modules section arrived on Friday, and was assembled Sunday afternoon. So there it is… two four foot long, 14 inch deep, layout modules. Above is a photo of the switches for North […]

What to model?

One of the goals with my new layout is to build the towns as modules that could then be disconnected and moved. This way, in the event we move from our present home, I don’t […]

Malone Engine House

Recently I started working on a model of the Rutland Railway’s ARMCO Steel, two-stall engine house. This engine house was a prefab kit, bought by the Rutland in 1953 and assembled by Rutland employees at […]

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Plenty of work in Malone

This chart from Robert Nimke’s book “The Rutland, 60 years of trying, volume 6” shows how busy the Rutland was in Malone in the 1950’s. I model 1957, specifically because it was a peak, the […]


Recently a member of the Rutland-VRS Yahoogroup asked about the timetable from the Rutland for the line that I am interested in.  Employee Timetables are great for deciphering what operations occurred where and what special […]

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Morton Siding

I’ve worked on Morton Siding quite a bit recently. For those not in the know, Morton Siding is an industrial area between Malone and Malone Junction. During the 1950’s, Rutland crews operated a yard switcher […]

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Bangor, New York

Progress has been made. The staging yards are now complete and work has begun on the main line. The Station is a Rutland Car Shops resin kit for the 16×40 plan station. This station isn’t […]