10 Minutes

10 Minutes a day… thats what I force myself to do train related on models per day. Force sounds harsh but sometimes with work, family and other things known as life all around, we can’t get to the basement and hide for a couple of hours to work on some trains.

I have a bunch of cars, Accurail, Bowser and such that need assembly. Every day I spend 10 minutes working on them. Sometimes it’s between meetings, or while supper is on the stove, or late at night before bed. 10 minutes putting couplers on, painting wheels or just fixing the ladder on a PS-1 Box Car you pick up on Ebay for 9 Bucks.

What it’s done is help me remember my hobby. If I am getting stressed about work it helps clear that stress, and meanwhile all those little projects are getting done. I just finished a three-pack of Accurail ACF Covered Hoppers, simple assembly but now my 1989 Roster has three more covered hoppers ready for ops.

10 Minutes…