So much for Lisbon

After mucking around with some scenery in Lisbon to make it “presentable” for photos for an article, I had already decided to clear everything off to be able to move Lisbon down this shelf. Once it was cleared off, I started moving the components around for the track at Norwood, New York. This village has the New York Central crossing the Rutland with an unusual layout for the interchange. Norwood is one of THE most important interchanges on the Rutland, where most of the overhead traffic was passed to the NYC and it was also where NYC had running rights from here to Malone Junction.

I figured that I would need a lot of space (read depth) for this scene thanks to the interchanges. I started with the Crossing in the center, then moving the switches around until I thought I had something lined up, but didn’t plan on connecting the dots…

As you can see by the pictures, its built and wired up and took half the width I expected.

I couldn’t resist a meetup. Northbound New York Central DM-1(Dewitt-Massena) crosses the diamonds while 207 waits with an eastbound OA-2.