Back at it – An update

So long story short, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on this blog. Very bad of me but I’ve been busy working on the layout.

This is the current plan, or close to it. I’ve changed from modelling the portion of the Ogdensburg Sub from Ogdensburg – Norwood, to Norwood – Malone. It’s now a continuous loop layout with a double-ended staging yard, and three leads. The New York Central line through Norwood is now fully functioning. The new configuration allows for more operations by modelling the trackage-rights that the NYC had over the Rutland. By making this change I go from modelling 1-2 trains per session to 6-8 trains. Much better for operations.

I’ve decided to model three towns, although one is mislabeled; North Lawrence is actually Moira.

I will blog more about these changes and also post some photos as I post more updates.