Trying to push through…

I have been at a stand still for the last few months on the layout. The reason, time. Some of the time was taken up by my failed attempt at elected office, the rest due to work and family activities. Every time that I have tried to go down to the train room to work on anything, I get daunted by mess. The layout space is a mess, with things piled everywhere. To work on the layout means spending an hour cleaning up the layout… Well there’s a good soccer game on, so I’ll go do that instead (Go West Ham United!).

When I do go to look at the layout, I start seeing things I am unhappy with. I am missing a track in Morton’s Siding. The yard at Malone is incomplete. I don’t like the drop bridge (version 5) that I built across the door. Any time I am faced with a question mark, like the track arrangement at Morton’s, I stop working on stuff and will stew until I figure it out.

Morton’s is an interesting area and I have been able to model it with minimal compromise. Except for the track I realized I am missing, every track that was active in 1957 has been modelled. There were a few more tracks, but they were out of service, so I am not modelling things that did not see use.  But the space is only 8 feet long. Selective compression has worked ok, but adding this missing track in will skew things badly. And there’s the bump out for the track. A small 9 inch protrusion from the layout beyond the bench work to properly model Malone Sand and Gravel’s ramp and Baker Gas.

Fitting this all in makes me think of switching back to modeling the Norwood Ogdensburg line, which means this area, and the staging behind, can be all part of the port in Ogdensburg. But if I did that, I have a grain elevator to build, and that takes a lot of space.

Switching to Malone Yard. There is a scale house to build, and track to hand lay for that. Thankfully Pierre Oliver from Elgin Scale Shops made me some turnout points for the working scale track. But there is not enough room to model that in the space allotted. And I need another 10-12 turnouts to finish the yard, which is expensive.

So I thought about looking at other things to model, which is what happens when my mind is in conflict with things. The good news is I keep coming back to my Malone concept as being the best option for the space I have.

I just have to keep trying to push through this blockage and motor on. There are a lot worse things to have issues with than this.