Malone Engine House

Recently I started working on a model of the Rutland Railway’s ARMCO Steel, two-stall engine house. This engine house was a prefab kit, bought by the Rutland in 1953 and assembled by Rutland employees at the yard in Malone New York. In 1959 an addition on the side was added for some MOW equipment. As I model 1957, this was left out.

Modeling this building has been a challenge. There are very clear “no trespassing” signs EVERYWHERE near this building. Using Google Map’s and their satellite view, along with some help from people on the Proto-Layouts Yahoo Group, and a little research, the overall size of this building is 38′ wide, 78′ long. This might be off from the prototype, but since there is no trespassing allowed on the property, what’s a foot or two discrepancy?

malone-enginehouse-16-3-29What is remaining on this project? I have to fix the eaves, screwed that up a bit. Make a base. Add roof vents at the ridgeline, and paint it. Not sure how to paint something to look like galvanized steel, but I guess I will figure it out.