What to model?

Subdivision listing from Employee Timetable 133 – April 24, 1960

One of the goals with my new layout is to build the towns as modules that could then be disconnected and moved. This way, in the event we move from our present home, I don’t lose the work already completed. I looked at the TOMA idea in Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine and like the concept.

The basic scenery areas outside of the towns can be scrapped each time the layout is moved. But there is a lot of time and money that goes into the town areas and I don’t like the idea of throwing out items.

I still plan on modelling the Rutland, circa 1957, on the Ogdensburg Sub. I don’t think I have space in our new and expanded basement layout room for more layout (sewing area and a new pull out sofa have taken over). But two 4 foot modules can get the basis of my first town built.

I am trying to settle on modelling either Brushton or Bangor. I modelled Bangor on my old layout. There is an 11 car siding, a small spur for an ice cream plant, and a spur to the GLF feed mill. Brushton has a siding which operates like a team track. That’s it. But still simple is better.