Bangor, New York redux

My second Masterpiece Modules section arrived on Friday, and was assembled Sunday afternoon. So there it is… two four foot long, 14 inch deep, layout modules. Above is a photo of the switches for North Bangor. I laid these out on the module to test out the configuration. I can easily fit nine 40′ cars plus a van (caboose) in the passing siding. The second siding is the milk track which was only a couple cars long. The spur running along the back is for the GLF feed mill. I have a little but of planning to do but I think North Bangor is going to be the town I start with.

Bangor track layout circa 1950’s – The Rutland Remembered, Vol. 6, Part 1 – RW Nimke

I had originally thought of going with Brushton but looking at the information I have for loads and traffic, by 1957, there was a siding, and little traffic. Whereas in 1957, there was still about 90 loads a year at North Bangor. More traffic wins.

Late 1950’s traffic counts for Bangor station – The Rutland Remembered, Vol. 6, Part 1 – RW Nimke

The plan is to slightly angle the main line across the modules, and place the passing siding turnouts at the extreme ends. This maximizes the passing track length. I had thought of using No. 5 frog turnouts but the ones I have are slightly damaged so I am only comfortable using those for spur tracks or such. That means either my Micro Engineering No. 6 frog turnouts, or the Atlas ones. Still have to decide that one.

My goal is to get the cork roadbed laid out, install the turnouts and Fastracks Bullfrog switch machines, then set up the modules somewhere that I can keep them attached together and lay the rest of the track. One step at a time, but this is progress.