I model the Rutland Railway circa 1957. Originally I modeled the Ogdensburg Subdivision from Norwood to Bangor, New York. However a change in space meant reducing what space was available for a layout. After dismantling the layout I decided to center my operations on the yard at Malone. Malone has a small yard, engine shop and freight house. I eliminated modeling the former station and bridge over the Salmon River as they did not add anything to the operational side of things.

The plan as it sits is to model Morton’s Siding, Malone Yard and Bangor. Malone Yard was a hub of the Rutland and much has been written in the Rutland Railroad Historical Society’s “The Newsliner” on operations there in the 1950’s.

The XJ-1/JX-2 through freight stopped in Malone to set out and pick up cars. Locals AM-1/MA-2 (Alburgh-Malone) and MO-1/OM-2 (Malone-Ogdensburg) terminated/originated there. There was a full time yard switcher called the Malone Shifter which switched at Malone Junction, Morton’s Siding and Malone Yard. Lots of action along the line, then add two-to-four New York Central trains that operated on Trackage Rights, you have lots of operating potential in a small space.