I have been building a Rutland RS-3 model using an Atlas engine as the base. This unit is factory painted as #205 and has the separately applied Grabs.

For reference I have been using Don Janes’ excellent Web Article on how to do so. I am also using slides I have purchased off of the Internet, Robert Nimke’s “Rutland – Motive Power & Equipment, Volume 1” and Philip Jordan’s “Rutland in Color” book for further reference.

This unit has a QSI Revolution A decoder installed, programmed for an Alco 244 Prime Mover and an S3 Leslie Horn. 205-innards
I used a 16mm by 35mm mini-oval speaker mounted over the truck in the long hood. 205-speaker
Then I removed the cast on exhaust stack. Atlas has a stack that is tapered and is not accurate at all. A Custom Finishing Alco Stack is going here.  Stack Begone! 205-stackgone
After referencing some photos thanks to the Atlas Forum, Don Janes and the Rutland in Color book, the stack was placed where the old one was. The Miniatures By Eric H-2 Horn and Bracket went in as well. I think I might have placed this a scale inch or two lower than it should be. 205-horn-stack

That’s as far as I am right now. More to come.