Rutland Railway

Malone Engine House

Recently I started working on a model of the Rutland Railway's ARMCO Steel, two-stall engine house. This engine house was a prefab kit, bought by the Rutland in 1953 and assembled by Rutland employees at the yard in Malone New York. In 1959 an addition on the side was added for some MOW equipment. As I model 1957, this was left out.

Modeling this building has been a challenge. There are very clear "no trespassing" signs EVERYWHERE near this building. Using Google Map's and their satellite view, along with some help from people on the Proto-Layouts Yahoo Group, and a little research, the overall size of this building is 38' wide, 78' long. This might be off from the prototype, but since there is no trespassing allowed on the property, what's a foot or two discrepancy?

malone-enginehouse-16-3-29What is remaining on this project? I have to fix the eaves, screwed that up a bit. Make a base. Add roof vents at the ridgeline, and paint it. Not sure how to paint something to look like galvanized steel, but I guess I will figure it out.



Plenty of work in Malone

This chart from Robert Nimke's book "The Rutland, 60 years of trying, volume 6" shows how busy the Rutland was in Malone in the 1950's. I model 1957, specifically because it was a peak, the last peak, of traffic on the line.

Consignee Commodity 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 Location
Baker's Gas Service LPG 33 35 36 33 28 17 Morton Siding
Boyea Brothers Lumber 16 27 18 23 15 13 Team Track
Chapin & Company Feed 0 0 0 2 16 11 Team Track
Clarence Collins Feed 36 75 134 160 132 136 Morton Siding
DuFort Brothers Wholesale Groceries 81 71 65 82 29 31
G.L.F. Feed, Fertilizer 302 267 233 282 244 357 Morton Siding
Hawes Lumber Building Materials 0 15 12 16 9 5 Team Track
W.A. Langdon Fertilizer 13 9 5 5 0 0 Team Track
McCarthy Packing Meat 46 48 49 51 65 44
Malone Baking Flour, Sugar 14 11 14 17 11 9 Team Track
Malone Concrete Products Cement 12 9 9 12 3 1
Malone Feed & Farm Supply Feed, Fertilizer 53 85 101 163 85 86 Morton Siding
Malone Milling Co. Building Materials 13 6 (out of business) Team Track
Niagara Mohawk Power LPG 24 23 22 25 17 16
Northern Hardware Co Building Materials 13 8 3 (out of business)
Northern N.Y. Grocery Wholesale Groceries 148 145 147 121 83 123
Purdy Coal & Oil (ET Rider) Anthracite Coal 132 92 76 85 42 29
Ralston Purina Feed 11 49 75 91 86 51 Morton Siding
Saltpoint Supply Building Materials 15 17 18 13 14 7
Upstate Storage Wholesale Groceries 52 41 71 74 37 73
W.A. Langdon Spinach 35 15 13 15 16 14 Team Track
Upstate Storage Milk Products 34 15 22 - - -
Morton Siding was located 2 miles east of the yard, near Malone Junction.
The Team Track was located in the yard.


Recently a member of the Rutland-VRS Yahoogroup asked about the timetable from the Rutland for the line that I am interested in.  Employee Timetables are great for deciphering what operations occurred where and what special instructions there are.

This is the timetable for the Rutland, Time Table No. 128, with the portions pertaining to the OLC line in the file. Warning, it is a LARGE file, 10mb.

Download Employee Time Table 128

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Trying to push through…

I have been at a stand still for the last few months on the layout. The reason, time. Some of the time was taken up by my failed attempt at elected office, the rest due to work and family activities. Every time that I have tried to go down to the train room to work on anything, I get daunted by mess. The layout space is a mess, with things piled everywhere. To work on the layout means spending an hour cleaning up the layout... Well there's a good soccer game on, so I'll go do that instead (Go West Ham United!).

When I do go to look at the layout, I start seeing things I am unhappy with. I am missing a track in Morton's Siding. The yard at Malone is incomplete. I don't like the drop bridge (version 5) that I built across the door. Any time I am faced with a question mark, like the track arrangement at Morton's, I stop working on stuff and will stew until I figure it out.

Morton's is an interesting area and I have been able to model it with minimal compromise. Except for the track I realized I am missing, every track that was active in 1957 has been modelled. There were a few more tracks, but they were out of service, so I am not modelling things that did not see use.  But the space is only 8 feet long. Selective compression has worked ok, but adding this missing track in will skew things badly. And there's the bump out for the track. A small 9 inch protrusion from the layout beyond the bench work to properly model Malone Sand and Gravel's ramp and Baker Gas.

Fitting this all in makes me think of switching back to modeling the Norwood Ogdensburg line, which means this area, and the staging behind, can be all part of the port in Ogdensburg. But if I did that, I have a grain elevator to build, and that takes a lot of space.

Switching to Malone Yard. There is a scale house to build, and track to hand lay for that. Thankfully Pierre Oliver from Elgin Scale Shops made me some turnout points for the working scale track. But there is not enough room to model that in the space allotted. And I need another 10-12 turnouts to finish the yard, which is expensive.

So I thought about looking at other things to model, which is what happens when my mind is in conflict with things. The good news is I keep coming back to my Malone concept as being the best option for the space I have.

I just have to keep trying to push through this blockage and motor on. There are a lot worse things to have issues with than this.


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Morton Siding

I've worked on Morton Siding quite a bit recently. For those not in the know, Morton Siding is an industrial area between Malone and Malone Junction. During the 1950's, Rutland crews operated a yard switcher known as the "Malone Shifter" which did the switching at the Malone Yard, and all of the trackage in Morton Siding.


2014-08-11 003Morton Siding is a diverse area, with six businesses operating in the 1950's, and a team track. During the St. Lawrence Seaway project, Malone Gravel loaded 750-series 2-bay hoppers for gravel that was shipped to Ogdensburg. Baker's Gas was at an all-time high in traffic volume.

As you can see here, Morton Siding exists  in front of the Norwood staging yard, with a six inch high backdrop between the two areas.

With exception to an unused two-car creamery track that should be located where the white glue bottle is, the track arrangement is exact to the diagrams from the mid-1950's. Close enough for me.

The spur to the left that is hanging out over the edge, is Baker Gas. A small build-out will be located there into the aisle.

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Bangor, New York

Progress has been made. The staging yards are now complete and work has begun on the main line.


The Station is a Rutland Car Shops resin kit for the 16x40 plan station. This station isn't right for Bangor but will do as a placeholder for now.




Started installing sections today.

2013-1-13 004

First the section over the freezer.

2013-1-13 006

Then this section attached to the freezer section. Legs are next and then the swing gate to connect the layout to the existing portion of the layout.


This is the layout plan for this area. Only the section to the left needs to be attached, which I will get to later this week.

After playing with arrangements for my yard throat, I think I am going to have to go with curved turnouts for that area. Joy! I had hoped to re-use some of the turnouts I had saved from before.

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Blue is my favourite colour

Drywall sanding for all new layout areas is done. I'll still have a bit to do when I rip out the drywall around the hydro panel and redo that. But at least most of the drywall is done and I can get started on the new layout. Also completed is the painting of the new areas, a nice shade of sky blue from Home Hardware. A coat of primer, two of sky blue and I am off to the races. I'd be putting stuff on the walls today if it wasn't for the paint still drying.

Addendum: Painted half the second coat with old paint, rest of coat in new paint, two are slightly different. So a third coat is required!!!


Things change in 11 months

Eleven months ago, aka my last post on this site, I finished the staging yard on the layout. Now that layout is gone. Thanks to growing family needs (teenagers) a portion of my layout space has been "repurposed".

Construction of the new layout space is almost finished, with just a bit of drywall sanding left to do (my favourite).

The theme is the same, the Rutland circa 1959, but the locale is now focused on Malone NY and the operations in and through the yard.


Staging Yard Complete

The track laying that is.

From one track to 7, with a turn and in 50 inches. Not too shabby.


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